Whole Body Cooling System Neo Therm

3,400,000.00 2,025,000.00



Is a closed loop control system consists of
mattress that is wrapped around baby’s trunk and legs. The device is fully automated and required no further input after initiation. The baby temp is cooled to 33.5 0C within 25 min.This temperature is maintained for 72 hours and a fully automated re-warming process starts. The re-warming occurs to 370 C at
0 0.2 to 0.50 C/hour.
It should induce cooling rapidly to desired core temperature
It should maintain the core temperature ghtly with in the target range
It should allow re-warming in a slow and controlled manner
It should be easy to use
It should required minimal nursing input
It should not interfere with access to the baby
Smooth, linear re-warming
Compable with reusable accessories


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