NEOTHERM – Whole Body Cooling System


  • Servo-Controlled Rectal Temperature

Brand: VNG Medical Innovative System


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NEOTHERM – (Servo Control)Whole Body Cooling System

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VNG Medical Innovative System


There is one estabilized treatment that can minimize permanent brain damage from hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). However. it must be given very shortly after birth/the oxygen-depriving incident in order to be effective(ideally within six hours). This treatment is known as hypothermia therapy, But it has many others name, such as “therapeutic hypothermia,” “cooling therapy,” and “neonatal cooling,” Hypothermia therapy involves cooling the baby down to a temperature below homeostasis to allow the brain to recover from a hypoxic-ischemic injury. Typically. the target temperature is about 33.5-degrees celsius(92.3°Fahrenheit)

NEO Cooling:-

It is a closed-loop control system consists of a mattress that is wrapped around the baby’s trunk and legs. The device is fully automated and required no further input after initiation. The baby temp is cooled from 0°C to 33.5°C within 25 min. This temperature is maintained for 72 hours and a fully automated re-warming phase starts. The re-warming process occurs at 37°C at 00.2 to 0.5°C/hour.


A rectal probe is inserted into the patient up to 5 cm approx and the temperature is fed back to the Neotherm in using a thermoelectric cooling module. The temperature of the cooling fluid is controlled by varying the amount and direction of the electrical current. This increases and decreases the fluid temperature by small amounts. The fluid is then passed around the fluid infant using a mattress or a warp and returned to the Neotherm. The thermal properties of the fluid make it extremely efficient at heat transfer and the Neotherm uses surprisingly little energy to maintain a constant temperature.


Simple alarms in the Neotherm ensure that users and nursing staff are drawn to the device only when there is a problem. These alarms include:
1. No Power
2. Low Fluid
3. No Flow
4. Temperature Out of Range
5. System Failure

Modes of Operation:

The Neotherm has modes of operation:

Servo-Controlled Rectal Temperature:

The Neotherm maintains the temperature that the clinician has set via the rectal temperature probe. The rate of change can also be set to allow even re-warming and cooling.


The Neotherm has a complete range of accessories: Mattresses and Wraps with lining sheets for contact with the baby, rectal and skin probes, Cooling Fluid, Connecting Hoses (in different lengths).

The Neotherm does not need a special USB to download traces and requires no special software to analyze the data (Note: data is recorded as a CSV file and compatible with standard spreadsheet software).

Product Features:-

  • It induces cooling rapidly to the desired core temperature.
  • It maintains the core temperature tightly within the target range.
  • It does not interfere with access to the baby.
  • 3 modes of operation for maximum flexibility in use.
  • Clinicians can set and adjust parameters at the start and throughout treatment.
  • Data storage for allowing simple analysis of temperature profiles.
  • A large color screen is easy to see across the room.
  • Small / Lightweight portable device.
  • Internal battery restarts from the same settings in event of power failure.
  • Smooth, linear rewarming.
  • Compatible with reusable or disposable accessories.
  • Optional use of skin probes.
  • Maintains normothermia after rewarming.

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Dimensions:: L 460mm, H 220mm, W 530mm
Weight:: 17kg (Note: weight when the reservoir is full of Fluid)
Electricity:: 1.5 A/ 230 VAC
Consumption:: 3.1 A/ 110 VAC Max. 345 W
Noise output:: 54 – 54.5dB (Mean value 1m distance)
Fluid capacity:: 250ml (Inner Tank) 500ml (Fill Up Set)
Fluid active ingredients:: Water
Minimum fluid temperature:: 12°C
Maximum fluid temperature:: 39°C
Maximum Patient weight:: 10kg



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