Ambu® aScope™ 3 Large 5.8/2.8 Ambu® aView™

29,000.00 26,999.00

The innovative aScope 3 Family consists of single-use scopes in three sizes, compatible with the reusable monitor, Ambu® aView.
The aScope 3 Family solves three key challenges: It is instantly available, easy to transport and sterile straight from the pack with no further handling and reprocessing. In short, aScope 3 is about enhancing patient safety and productivity.



Technical specifications

Bending capabilities:

140° up, 110° down

Channel average inner diameter:

2.8 mm

Insertion cord length:

600 mm

Insertion cord diameter:

5.8 mm

Distal end diameter:

6.2 mm

Min. instrument channel width:

2.6 mm


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